Golden Girls Gospel Remix [Video]
One thing that can make a classic TV shows so classic is the theme songs. Think about it. What do Goodtimes, All in the Family, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire, Golden Girls, and the Jefferson all have in common? They all have great theme songs. This may not be the main ingredient to a hit …
Marlon Wayans Makes Fun of 50 Shades of Grey [Video]
It looks like the true King of Comedy will be back in the winter of 2016. No I am not talking about Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer or even Kevin Hart. I am referring to the man that has been been making America laugh since the early 90's on In Living Color. I am talking about Marlon Wayan…
90’s Parody Commercial
If you grew up you probably how great TV shows were back then. We had Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Rosanne, Hanging with Mr Cooper, Boy Meets World, City Guys and a host of other shows that were good, or that we thought were good but just too dumb to realize they were horrible.
Thug Kitchen Cook Book [Video NSFW]
I don't know about you but I am not getting younger and as I see some of my elders getting up in age and their health is deteriorating, it is a scary sight to see especially if some of the conditions/symptoms can be preventable .
Bryce Remakes Big Sean’s IDFWU [Video]
Big Sean's IDFWU has been a smash hit and one of Sean's biggest hits up to date. But we all know that once something becomes popular among the masses people will try to imitate make fun of it.
Tre Melvin In The Funniest Interview Ever [Video, NSFW]
Tre Melvin is a comedian who has recieved the majority of his fame from his YouTube videos. I didn't anything about him until my 16 and 14 year old niece to me about him. After I finished laughing at his videos I put them on punishment.

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