pop and locking

Hurrikane Android ‘Clutter’ [Video]
Can Yak films can do nothing wrong when it comes to  dance videos? From the great dancers they find, to the awesome camera work and editing they put into their videos. It's easy to say that they have the best collection of dance videos on YouTube...
Poppin John Vs. His Shadow [Video]
A dancer named Poppin John comes up with a cool video concept when he takes on his shadow in a pop & lock battle.
This video shows that Pop & Lock will be around for a long time to come.
Butter Shows That Big Boys Can Dance [Video]
If you ever thought that big boys couldn't dance then you've obviously never seen Butter dance. Holding it down for the big boys this clip was shot In Venice in a back alley to give a real gritty feel.
After watching this kid a lot of you skinny guys (including me) might be a little jealous. I know s…
Street Popper II Break Dance Fighting Gets Raw [Video]
Street fighter meets pop & lock in this epic break dance battle to the dance! If you a big fan of street fight and just happen to be a big fan of break dance fight you will love this video!
Question? When was the last time you saw someone break dance fight were at the end of the fight someone got…