Pizza Prank Played on the Homeless [Video]
The title says this is a prank but when you get to the bottom of everything this is really a good gesture that makes you want to duplicate this.
Somehow Tom Mabe got the idea of playing a "prank" by calling a local pizza restaurant and getting them to bring pizza to a couple of home…
Man Pulls Headless Prank at Fast Food Restaurants [Video]
Even though April Fools is over, it is never too late to pull a rank, never.
The key to a good prank is to be simple but at the same time be creative.
When you finally pull off that special prank there is nothing like seeing that persons face and how they react.
This video that you are about to see is …
Manti Te’o Catfish Commercial
If you are a College football fan then Manti Te'o is already a household nAME.
But unfortunately he is in the news now for something else that is a little harder to explain than football.
Teo was known as a great athlete that plated under the hardest circumstances.
End of The World Prank [Video]
The guys that brought you the Miami Zombie prank are back at it again but this it's the end of the world!
I can't think of a better way to take advantage of a person's fear of the end of the world. Even if you don't believe the world is gonna end, deep down inside you have a small…

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