Beyonce Blasts Pregnancy Speculation
The Internet went into a tizzy when reports surfaced that Beyonce is expecting her second child. While the songbird's camp is refusing to confirm or deny the reports, Bey allegedly went on Instagram to shoot down the speculation.
Kanye is Pregnant!
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian let us all in on a little secret recently, the two are expecting a baby!  Kanye decided to break the news while on stage at Revel in Atlantic City.
New Female Anthem – I Got Pregnant [Video]
I'm not sure if this song will catch on, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. I Got Pregnant is a new video making noise on YouTube and you can watch it below. I guess the cool thing these days is to have kids so hopefully this will be the new summer anthem for the ladies...I just got pr…
Mariah Carey Goes Nude For Life & Style
I know that being pregnant is something beautiful and very special, but I've never understood why women (not all) take nude photos while preggors? Someone please answer that for me! Add Mariah Carey to that list, MC took it all off for Life & Style Magazine. The issue hits stands tomorr…

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