‘Dumb Ways to Die’ The Best PSA Ever! [Video]
A public service announcement about dumb ways to die hit the web recently and has caught fire with close to 11 million views!
I've personally watched this about 20 times. A day. For 2 weeks. Maybe it's the catchy tune, or maybe it's the adorable animated characters dieing in pretty hor…
21 Jump Street ‘Fake Drugs And You’ PSA [Video]
Everyone is talking about seeing the new movie 21 Jump Street with Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum and Rob Riggle. Watch as they warn us about the dangers of swank, spank, spark, snorty marmalde plop, belgian taffy, and other fake drugs.
Be sure to check out 21 Jump Street in theaters today.
Samuel L Jackson ‘Stop The Gun Violence’ PSA [Video]
Samuel L Jackson sends a simple and powerful message speaking on the growing numbers of gun violence that pollute our cities.
Flint knows about gun violence all to well. Considered one of the top worst cities in America this is a achievement that is but shouldn't be celebrated.  I can't tell you how …
‘Drive Recklessly’ PSA Puts Things In A New Perspective [Video]
Reckless driving, distracted driving, cats driving and so many other types of driving are killing people every year.
This PSA takes a different look at the problem though, and maybe uncovers a problem that no one took the time to think of.
'Drive Recklessly' asks the hard questions that we a…