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MI Winters Are Beautiful Too
Living through a Michigan winter can range from uncomfortable to absolutely unbearable, but these amazing Pure Michigan moments from Instagram remind us that winter is not without its beauty.
10 Amazing 'Pure Michigan' Tattoos Found On Instagram [Photo]
People from Michigan are very unique. I've been all over the country, and I can honestly say I know a Michigander when I see one. We all have dealt with crazy snow storms and even crazier cities that somehow bring us all together. Michigan also is shaped like a mitten, so its not like the other…
Pure Michigan Tats Are a Thing
How much do you love Michigan? Would you say enough to get the “Pure Michigan” logo tattooed somewhere on your body? If not, you do not have nearly as much pride for the state as some residents.
There have been some sightings, and now photos, of people branded with Michiga…