Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4″[Video]
Compare Hopsin to an Old school Eminem that sounds a little like Pusha T sped up.  Have you ever accidentally ran across someone that's pretty dope? Well I did with this kid and I will say he had me laughing with his lyrics.
What I like about this kid is that he's not afraid be to silly as hell. I'm …
60 Year Old Man Unc Imo Shutting Down The Rap Game [Video]
Pass the Milk of Magnesia  baby Unc Imo is the new Suga Daddy in the rap game pushing 60 years of Gangster! who needs Trey Songz or Drake when you've got you a Suga Daddy? Don't worry ladies Unc Imo will make it rain SSI checks and that retirement fund allll day!
It's about the rap game got a new Unc…
Seven Foot Rapper [Video]
7"4 is his name and he's the World's tallest rapper! He's actually pretty good too. He's got a nice singing voice too. He's got a few videos up on youtube to check out. What I wanna know is... Who's the best "Tall Rapper" of all time. When I m…
Kanye And Wiz Almost Fight!?!
Kanye West Performs at Coachella 2011 (Part 2/2) from AreYouOTS.com on Vimeo.
Kanye and Wiz Khalifa almost fight over Amber Rose's love.... Peep!
*New* Big Sean Ft. Chris Brown “My Last” [VIDEO]
Finally...(famous) boi a video from Detroit rapper Big Sean!! Sean released his official video with Chris Brown for his first single "My Last" I ran into Sean last week while at SXSW with Jon Connor and Sean said he couldn't wait for fans to see it...so here you go!! NEW Big S…

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