Raccoon Hat Redneck Describes Accident [Video]
If you think for one second that reporters don't look for guys like this to put on the news, you couldn't be more wrong.
Listening to this Raccoon hat rockin' man describe the accident he witnessed makes me want to turn it into a ring tone.
Redneck Family Drinks And Rides Bikes [Video]
This video is a perfect example of why anyone from a foreign country both loves and hates America.
Drunk dad (aka Keystone Cowboy) and son (aka Hot Rod Lincoln) are about to make their second attempt at jumping their bikes.
Watch as just about everything goes wrong.
Osama Bin Laden Is Dead – Redneck Celebrates [Video]
Osama Bin Laden is dead, and to most people, that's a good thing.  To this four wheeler riding redneck though, its a GREAT thing!  It's such a great thing in fact, that all he can do to express himself is to ride around with a flag shooting in to the air.  When people asked …
Redneck Randal Meme [Pics]
Redneck Randall proves once again, that there's nothing I love more than a good meme.
Wait, you still don't know what a meme is?  Let's put it like this . . . imagine a moment in time where you looked stupid, frozen forever.  Then imagine that moment turned into a picture unleashed onto the Internet …