Nicki Minaj And Britney Spears – Win Tickets All Week
Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj are going on tour together, and like most of the world I was surprised to hear about the new road roommates.  I will say though, that if this remix of "Til The World Ends" is any indication of how the tour will be, sign me up.  I'm not the biggest Britney Spe…
Bill Cosby’s Huxtable Dubstep [Video]
When Heathcliff, Theo, Denise, Rudy and the rest of the Huxtables were doing this they had no idea about the internet.  How could they know that one of the best TV intro's ever could be made even better!  Check it out for yourself.
5 Yr. Old Get’s Auto Tune Remix [VIDEO]
Last week I posted a video of this 5 year old girl talking all adult about how she wasn't going to get married until she had a's too funny! Well the auto tune guys have gotten a hold of her video just like they did with Antonie Dodson. Let's see if you like the remix
Darth Vader Sings Justin Bieber’s
The voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones sings Justin Bieber's 'Baby.' Well actually he's not singing it, more like reading, but to hear that deep voice with music behind it is pretty funny!
Christina Aguilera Gives Us The Remix [Video]
Christina looked great as she headed to mid field to sing the National Anthem.  Her voice was flawless, powerful and about 93 other words that mean really good.  Then it happened.  The nation said, "Did she just sing the wrong words?"  Yes, yes she did . . . it wasn't obvious but enough fo…
New Eminem Hello Good Morning
There's a track floating around online featuring a new version of Diddy Dirty Money's "Hello Good Morning" featuring Eminem.
Em added an additional verse to the track. Rumor has it the joint will be released as a new single.