Genesee Towers Cover Up
Thousands of people came to downtown Flint to witness the implosion of the Genesee Towers, and that's what makes this video even more shocking!
Why Your Major Is Stupid And Robot Sex [Video]
I just recently started watching this show and it's pretty interesting.  Philip D Franco touches on a few interest topics, like why your Major could be potential useless and the future of sex robots.
Yea its a bit weird..
‘Ketchup Bot’ Is Changing The Condiment Game [Video]
How many times have you stared at your dry piece of food and wanted to smother it in Ketchup, but the bottle was out of reach?
Don't ever have that worry again!  'Ketchup Bot' is here to save you from walking a few feet, and will change your life.
The ‘Cheetah Robot’ Is Faster Than You [Video]
The 'Darpa Cheetah Robot' set a new speed record for legged robots by galloping at speeds of 18mph.
The old world record was 13mph set in 1989, but through a series of new developments you can expect the speed record to be broken again fairly soon.
So what does this mean for you and I?