Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Stars As The Next Highlander [Video]
Ryan Reynolds lands the leading role in the next Highlander movie and all hope is now lost. So this would make Ryan Reynolds The Green Lantern, Deadpool, and now Highlander.
I've got to admit I am a bit jealous of that. How awesome is his resume!? But after the crappy job he did with Deadpool an…
Denzel Washington Was Waterboarded While Filming ‘Safe House’
'Safe House' is set to be one of the best action thrillers of the year, and credit that to the dedication shown by Denzel Washington.
In an interview he told the New York Magazine that he was waterboarded to see what it was actually like.
He and co-star Ryan Reynolds talked about the intensi…
Safe House [Trailer]
Denzel Washington plays a fugitive while rookie agent Ryan Reynolds is your typical CIA baby sitter. Stuck with a high profile target Ryan Reynolds better show his ass in this movie.
Because Green Lantern sucked.