Happy Easter! [VIDEO]
I know what Easter means and I hope you have the chance to spend it with family and friends! I was always scared of the Easter bunny...nothing has changed!! Enjoy these Easter videos!
Guy Passes Out On Slingshot Ride [Video]
Passing out is never fun, especially if you wake up hundreds of feet in the air strapped into the Slingshot!  That's exactly what happened to Luis after he convinced his niece to take a ride.  Check it out.
People Scared To Death In Hotel Hallway [Video]
You're not scared of a little girl are you?  How 'bout a little girl dressed in a white dress, with black stringy hair?  Just standing there . . . looking at the ground, with her dangling baby doll . . . looking at the ground . . . waiting, for  . . . something, DON'T L…
The Bull Jumps Into The Seats [Video]
There's more than one reason I've never been to a rodeo or bull fighting competition, but this is the most important one! This bull JUMPS INTO THE CROWD! I'm not sure how he knew to go directly after the girl with the camera phone, but he definitely had good aim. Check it out below…