Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape! (NSFW) [Video]
Hulk Hogan every bodies childhood hero has leaked a sex tape. Eww! The last person I expected to drop a sex tape was Hulk Hogan!
Well it's not that outrageous, Hulk Hogan isn't the first professional wrestler to drop a sex tape. Chyna mostly remember from the DX era of WWE has a full fledge…
‘Treach’ Talks About The ‘Tupac’ Sex Tape [Video]
The Tupac sex tape has been bought by a private collector and now we are finding out that it might not be the only one.
'Pacs' ex-manager says that she isn't surprised at all that this tape is out, and that Tupac was well known for recording "private acts'.
Tupac Has A Sex Tape?
Tupac has a sex tape now? Wait wait and this is real? Damn everybody has one now! Is it mandatory to have a sex tape to become famous? I mean if so then I'm down. I have no problem making a XXX movie!
Thankfully some people strayed away from making a sex tape. like Michael Jackson. Can you imagi…
James Franco Talks Sex Tape On Conan [Video]
Conan O'Brien interviews James Franco and delivers the best exit off stage ever! James Franco goes into detail about his early work before he got famous, which is porn (who Knew).
Go into the Topic though he does a poor job of really getting his point across, and Everybody took it wrong in a hilariou…
Rihanna Has A Sex Tape With J Cole?
Rihanna is denying reports that the sex tape with her and J Cole exists, but Hustler magazine is standing by their statements.
Rihanna and Cole have been linked musically numerous times in the last year, including hitting the road together for the 2011 Loud tour.
Does this mean that they have a sex ta…
Charlie Sheen Has A Sex Tape . . . Sorta [Video]
The one thing that has remained consistent throughout Charlie Sheen's craziness is the rumor that he is terrible between the sheets. The leaked sex tape pretty much confirms that to be true. Especially when the words, "Can you call Emilio to come over?" Check it out!