Ice JJ Fish Debut Rap Single [Video, NSFW]
Not only does Ice JJ Fish sing, as well as dance, now he has decided to express himself through rapping, and has made a video for his "official video".
Along with his single his debut album is set to be released July 30th (which is a little over a week away).
Conan Joins A Gospel Choir [Video]
I have to admit that I don't watch Connan too much, because mostly he just seems awkward.
He just reminds of a boy that is currently going through puberty and he suddenly asks a girl that is way out of his league on a date.
Basically he reminds me of myself in high-school, and the outcome isn&apo…
17 Year Old Oprah Music Video? [Video]
A video recently leaked with a young Oprah singing, but is it her? It looks just like her but she's singing in a foreign language.
Plus I don't think Oprah's head is that big, or is it? I've never checked the circumference of Oprah's head and this chick has a melon! Also wasn't Oprah overweight when …
Grandpa Likes Big Butts And He Cannot Lie [Video]
When a drunk guy sings Sir Mix A Lot at a Karaoke bar its the most annoying thing in the entire world.  So why is it that when old man river sings it from his recliner, it might be the best thing ever?!  In the end, who cares?  Just sit back and enjoy, then get off my lawn!

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