Should Couples Sleep In Separate Beds?
More couples are sleeping in separate beds now than ever before, and it's supposedly saving relationships.
A study from the National Sleep Foundation found that 25 percent of couples in the US sleep separately, and that number is only increasing.
How To Wake Up A Sleeping Kid [Video]
Now I'm not a parent but I do understand that sometimes you wanna keep your kid up and this is the perfect way to wake them up, and the most awesome way.
If this kid doesn't become a drummer in the future then I have no faith in Mankind.
Is Your Job Making You Sleep Deprived?
Many people leave their job at the end of the day complaining about how tired they are, so how many are just whining and how many are actually fatigued?
The National Sleep Foundation did a study to find out what professions were the most tired, and how it affected them.
It turns out that the transport…
Man Falls Asleep At Comedy Show, Becomes Comedy Show [Video]
Normally if someone falls asleep at a live event, I would probably blame whatever was going on onstage.  After watching this video though, that is definitely not the case.
I had never heard of Mike Winfield before watching this, and between us, I was pretty sure that his show couldn't have been funny…