14-year-old Has a Higher I.Q. than Einstein [Video]
Jacob Barnett is a 14 year-old kid with a Masters Degree and is on his way to obtaining a PhD in Quantum Physics.
At 14 years old I was still watching cartoons and struggling with the idea of what I wanted to be in life. This kid is on another level.
Should've Got the Neck Tat
A young girl get's her new boyfriends name tattooed on her face after only meeting him 24 hours ago.
Now I love tattoo's and how they give people the ability to have a permanent expression. But when a person decides to get another persons name tattooed on them it's just hands down stup…
President Barack Obama’s Gun Legislation Proposals [Video]
President Barack Obama has laid out 23 executive actions that will have a drastic effect on the gun culture community.
The biggest and most controversial proposals are the ban of military style rifles and magazines that hold over 10 rounds.  This is without a doubt the most unpopular thing our p…
Zumba Prostitution Ring Busted! [Video]
A New England Zumba Instructor was busted for running a prostitution ring at her Zumba class.
Whoa! I was wondering why Zumba was becoming so popular so quick! With this lucrative business the Zumba instructor raked in close to $150,000 in sales. Damn! I'm in the wrong profession.
Can Marijuana Cure Cancer? [Video]
A compound found in Marijuana has been shown to stop the metastasis of cancer cells. Two scientist have been working on this for 20 years and have just now found some positive results! Now just smoking mary-jane won't stop the spread of cancer, it needs to synthesized first and then concentrate…
12-Year-Old Faced with Life Sentence [Video]
12-year-old is faced with a life sentence in prison for murdering his 2-year-old brother.
Well damn! The justice system is getting pretty brutal! Given that this kid did murder his younger brother, but when you hear his back story you will soon find out that this kid was  psychologically damaged…

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