South Park

30 Must-See TV Shows to Watch This Fall
Just when you thought the end of Game of Thrones Season 7 might cut you a break from must-see shows, in swoops fall TV with dozens upon dozens of new and returning TV series; enough to drive your DVR to self-immolation. Join us for a sneak peek!
'South Park' Teases Season 21 With Bonkers New Trailer
By now, you know the drill. South Park doesn’t really rev up until the week or so before each premiere, but that doesn’t mean Season 21 arrives empty-handed. Check out an artful new teaser for the September premiere, as the town and its NSFW inhabitants cover “This Is How We Do …
'South Park' on Isaac Hayes' 'Trapped in the Closet' Exit
South Park will begin its landmark 20th season later tonight, continuing a satirical run that has seen a number of changes and controversies over years. One famous fallout saw South Park tangling with Scientology and seemingly losing its Chef, Isaac Hayes, before his death in 2008, though a new hist…

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