MHSAA Delays The Start Of Spring Sports
The Michigan Highschool Athletic Association (MHSAA) has announced that the start of high school spring sports will be delayed for one more week.
Sports were scheduled to resume on March 22 and will be pushed back one more week to March 26...
A Group Called “Let Them Play” Files Lawsuit Against MDHHS
A new group has popped up in Mid-Michigan called "Let Them Play" and they're fed up with sports being on put pause and have decided to take action against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services by filing a lawsuit.
I want sports to come back as bad as the next per…
New Michigan Bill Will Allow College Athletes To Be Paid
One of the biggest scams in sports is finally coming to an end. A new bill being put in place by lawmakers here in Michigan will finally allow college athletes to be paid for their hard work.
The governor is expected to sign a bill soon to give college athletes their much-deserved cut...

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