Kid Pleads To Store Clerk After Getting Caught Stealing [Video]
A kid gets caught stealing at a store and pleads to the clerk not to tell his dad. This kid should have known better, you can tell by the fear in his eyes about his dad figuring out he stole.
Which begs the question. Is it better for your kids to fear you or love you? This kid is obviously terrified …
Dumb Girls Admit Stealing Money From Girl Scouts [Video]
The girls in this news interview are so blatantly honest about stealing money from a girl scout outside of a grocery store that it almost doesn't seem real.
It goes way further than them just admitting the crime, they are actually pissed that they had to give the money back.  The real kicke…
These Are The Top 10 Most Stolen Things From The Office
Two thirds of us have stolen something from our office, and while most of us feel like our job owes it to us, it's still illegal.
Who would possibly notice a missing pen or three anyway?  Well according to a new study it's costing companies around $3.2 Billion dollars a year!  Che…

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