Steve Nash

Justin Bieber And Ludacris Hoop For ‘Ludaday Weekend’ [Video]
Justin Bieber spent part of his holiday weekend in Atlanta to raise money with Ludacris for 'Ludaday Weekend'.
The charity basketball game featured NBA stars like Carmello Anthony, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Steve Nash and many more.  Overall, the event raised more than $10,000 which is cool until you…
Steve Nash Has A New Deal With – Prius? [Video]
This NBA lock out needs to stop now! First there are talks of some of the NBA's best playing over seas next year and now All-Star point guard Steve Nash is endorsing Toyota Prius?? I guess your not a really man until you admit that you drive a Prius and people really see you in it. If Steve is hurti…
Nicki Minaj Gives Steve Nash A Lap Dance! [Video]
Nicki Minaj likes to give one lucky fan a lap dance every night during her concert.  Most of the time this is just some guy that gets pulled out of the crowd.  Last night, that guy was 2 time NBA All-Star Steve Nash! (or someone that looked exactly like him).  Check out the video.