Summertime Is Great Family [Video]
Summertime is probably the most popular song of all the 4 seasons.
Everyone has made a song about their favorite season, from Jay-Z, Will Smith,  Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry Calvin Harris and the list goes on.
A GIF Guide to Surviving a Summer Heat Wave
Hey, did you notice it's hot outside? Like, pretty freaking hot. Maybe you can't afford the luxury of air conditioning. Maybe it doesn't matter because you still have to go outside. Don't panic (and certainly don't run). Here's a GIF guide to surviving a summer heat wav…
Big Sean ft. Common-Switch Up [Audio]
It is almost summer, so you know what that means, clean cars, sunny dies, beautiful women, and summer bangers.
Every year during the summer months there is one song that will get you 'turnt up'.
Even though it isn't quite summer yet, I'm sure this will be in the clubs, on the stree…
This Summer’s Fashion For Men: Jean Underwear
Wait until you see the newest craze across the nation is Jean Pant Underwear. I'll be sporting these all summer in Flint to show off my beautiful legs...and they are only $61. You can't put a price on being able to show off your junk and legs all summer long!! Are you going to buy a pair f…