Wayne Brady Freestyles [Video]
Wayne is probably one of the most gifted entertainers in probably over 50 years.
The first time Wayne Brady step on the scene he was one of the stars on " Whose Line is it Anyway".
He quickly became known as the king of improv, which is basically freestyling.
Jon Connor Sits Down With ‘Sway In The Morning’ At SXSW [Video]
Jon Connor was on his SXSW grind a few weeks ago and sat down with Sway Calloway on Sirius XM's 'Sway in the Morning'. Sways Universe said:
Aside from rolling deep to SXSW with all his Flint, Michigan homies, (while all wearing army fatigue) Jon Connor talks about what you can musica…
Common Calls Out Drake [Video]
Common Calls out Drake and wants to see who's the best after some disses from Drake. Now don't look at this as a beef just simply a battle between to MC's which Common goes into detail about.
I would love to see these two artist battle!
Jon Connor On MTV Rapfix With Sway & Young Jeezy [Video]
This isn't the first time I've posted something from Flint's own Jon Connor and it won't be the last. Connor is finally getting 'the look' he deserves. Check out the video below from MTV's Rapfix with Sway and special guest Young Jeezy. And don't forget to gra…
Jon Connor On Sway In The Morning – Shade 45 [Video]
I know a lot of people probably hate the fact that I rep my man Jon Connor so much, but the truth is when someone comes out of Flint, MI and goes this hard for your city it's hard to deny them. Connor has done nothing but support his hometown since day one and preach positivity. I'd mess with more F…

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