20 Best R&B Albums of 1992
1992 was an impactful and important year in R&B. So we decided to rank our favorite R&B albums from the year Bill Clinton was elected, 'Martin' debuted on FOX and the L.A. riots exploded.
'SWV Reunited' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap
Tears and tensions were at an all-time high as the credits rolled at the end of last week's episode of 'SWV Reunited,' but that was just a sneak peek into the feuds that would escalate as the girls come to Jesus and realize there's no trust in the group.
'SWV Reunited' Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Coko Is Cancer-Free
Last week, Lelee, Taj and Coko ended their first episode of reality TV sitting on a couch in Nashville, Tenn., as the latter  sat on the phone with her doctor waiting to find out if her future was breast cancer-free. This week, the girls find a reason to jump to their feet and celebrate because…
‘SWV’ Is Making A Comeback [Video]
'SWV' (Sisters With Voices) owned the 90's musically with hits like 'Weak', 'Downtown' and 'Right Here'.
Now they are hoping that history will repeat itself more than a decade later.
Chris Brown’s “She Aint You” Video
Chris Brown has been on a roll in2011. He's dropped a few good songs and seems to be all over the net and videos. This is his new video to his hot song "She Ain't You". I think the video is kinda cool. I have to admit that he is a dancing fool! He's got all the moves…