Who Needs a License? American Teenagers Prefer Texting to Driving
The state of the great American teenager may be driving most of us crazy, but a new study indicates that may be all they are driving – as today’s teens appear to be trading in sets of wheels for two solid thumbs.
Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute say that nea…
Bemilo Creates The Phone That Let’s Parents Check Text & Calls
There's a new phone service that could be a parent's dream! Mom/Dad will soon be able to read their children's text messages, control who they speak to and turn their phones on or off – no matter where they are.
Mobile company Bemilo has created the service, which will run on th…
People Find It Easier To Tell The Truth Over Text
A new study found that people are more likely to tell the truth over a text message than in a voice interview.
Does this mean that all you have to do when you need to know the truth is send a text?  Probably not, because liars will be liars, but it definitely shows that people are more likely to…

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