The Purge

‘The Purge 4’ Will Go Back to the Very First Purge Night
The Purge movies have continued to act as unforgiving social and political satire, as unsubtle as they are violent, and that trend will only go further in the next installment in the series. The fourth film, titled The Purge: The Island, takes place on the very first Purge Night, confined to the sho…
The Purge Anarchy Trailer
In 2013 The Purge was released to mix reviews.
Some people loved it, others thought it wasn't creative enough, but as the old saying goes 'numbers do not lie', and the movie ranked in over 89 million dollars.
'The Purge 2' Hacks Up First Plot Details
After 'The Purge' became a summer horror sensation with Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, Blumhouse Productions was ready for 'The Purge 2.' Though the film had a perfect formula applicable to various side stories, details on where the story would take us next proved scarce. Fortunate…
‘The Purge 2′ is Coming (But That’s No Shocker)
This weekend 'The Purge' made $34 million at the box office. As the film had a production budget of $3 million, that means the film started to turn a profit less than a day after it was released. So it's no surprise that they're moving forward with a sequel.