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LV’s Throwback Thursday Playlist [NSFW] – August 7th
Everyone loves a great throwback song and I've put together 10 songs that will keep you going for today.  Here are just some of the my favorite songs from back in the day that are full of energy and memories.  I still know the lyrics to 2Pac and Dr. Dre's 'California Love.&a…
Throwback Vid: Jump this Fool In [Video]
Toothpick and the homies decide it's time for the young up and comer to join the squad, and the only way to do that is to jump this fool in.
Can you remember what movie this is from?
Average Homeboy [Throwback Video]
A internet gem the Average homeboy tries to send a message to all you wanna be rappers. Ok to be honest this gut is probably the worst rapper of all time.
Like really the WORST of all time!. and the funny thing about it, is that this dude is dead serious! This is why we have such a bad time finding t…