6 Flags Commercial [Video]
Sometimes I just like to go back and  relive the past. Just to go back to a simpler time for me. Plus 6 flags was so cool, I'm seriously thinking about going there next year.
Eazy E – Real Mutha—— G’s [Throwback]
A throwback to the era of gold chains and 40 ounces this was Eazy E's answer to death row after they fell out with each other. Thus starting a series of great songs and rivalries which made this probably the most violent time in Hip-Hop. It was pretty awesome.
Worst Kung Fu Movie Auditions Ever [Throwback Video]
Worst Kung Fu movie audition ever starting the most untalented martial artist you will ever see. Now this video is pretty old with almost 4 million view without a doubt its a throwback classic. If this video doesn't inspire you to go hurt yourself trying to kick a punching bag then you are NOT a fan…