Rapper T.I. Opens Up About Divorce Rumors
Rapper T.I. has finally opened up about divorce rumors.  The 'Trouble Man' and Tiny's relationship has made news with reports of them ending their three year marriage.  The rumors can now come to an end.
The World’s Smallest Dog [Video]
I'm not the biggest pet guy in the world, but even I have to admit this dog is pretty much the most adorable thing in existence.  Check out Mazey, the tiniest puppy ever!
Slow Loris Needs An Umbrella [Video]
What's a Slow Loris you ask?  I don't know either, but it might be the most adorable thing ever when you give it a little tiny umbrella.  It's not even raining but it just seems like it fits so well.  Watch the video and use the word "cutedorableness" …
T.I. And Tiny Get Naughty In The Slammer
T.I. was caught by prison officials this weekend in Arkansas getting "frisky" with his wife during visiting hours.
T.I.'s wife Tiny admits the two were in a room together during regular visiting hours at Arkansas State Prison when Tiny grabbed a hold of the rapper's shorty…