Drunk Guy Dives Into A Pile Of Beer Cans [Video]
This drunk guy, who may or may not be named Uncle Pat, decided that he would dive into a pile of empty cans.  I don't know why he would have thought this was a good idea, but it would have been so much better if he actually made it to the cans.  On a positive note, notice how majestic…
Guy Passes Out On Slingshot Ride [Video]
Passing out is never fun, especially if you wake up hundreds of feet in the air strapped into the Slingshot!  That's exactly what happened to Luis after he convinced his niece to take a ride.  Check it out.
Drunk Guy Uses Spit To Outwit The Cops [Video]
Spit is this guys duct tape, it can solve almost any situation.  Watch as he gives the cops every excuse possible while taking his sobriety test.  He goes peacefully enough, but when they arrest his lady friend . . . THEY DONE CROSSED DA LINE (Hillbilly voice).  Check it out.