Happy Thanksgiving – Don’t Deep Fry Your Turkey [Video]
An Illinois man deep-fried his leg while he was trying to cook some Thanksgiving turkeys. He was cooking 25 turkeys for an event at a country club when he tripped and spilled over 7 gallons of scalding hot oil on his leg.
No word on how the turkeys turned out.
William Shatner Warns The Dangers Of Deep Fried Turkey [Video]
William Shatner has made mistakes when it comes to deep frying his turkey in the past.  He is here to make sure you and I don't make those same mistakes.
This is actually a PSA/Ad put together by State Farm, and it only proves once again that we should all love 'The Shat'.
Turkey Anyone?
K Dubb, Tonda Peterson and LV give out the details about Super Tuesdays Turkey giveaway with The Morris Peterson Jr Foundation, The Urban League of Flint and Flint's Club 93.7