two and a half men

Ashton Kutcher Caught Looking at Nicki Minaj’s Butt [Video]
Ashton Kutcher oooww I'm telling Demi Moore that you've been staring at Nicki Minaj's booty! The new star of Two and a Half man has something else on his mind besides Demi Moore.
Can you blame the guy? Have you seen Nicki Minaj's ass lately? That thing is legendary! It don't matter if it's fake or no…
Conan Has Proof! Jon Cryer Is A Troll! [Video]
Lost in all the Charlie Sheen madness are the normal people.   Normal people like Jon Cryer, who Sheen called a troll for not contacting him.  Well Cryer finally got a chance to comment, thanks to team Coco.