Michigan UFO Sighting Remains Unexplained After 20 Years
A UFO spotted 20 years ago in southwest Michigan remains a mystery to this day. On March 8, 1994, several Ottawa County residents reported seeing a bizarre object with red, white, blue and green lights dangling over Lake Michigan that would occasionally display erratic and unusual movements.
Lansing UFO Sighting Real?
Michigan isn't known as a UFO hotspot, but this very convincing video from the skies over Lansing will definitely grab some attention.
Alien Crash Site Found – Including Alien Body [Video]
Alien believers everywhere are going crazy over this video footage of a dead alien body discovered near a supposed alien crash site.  The video could easily be faked, but camera men are standing by its authenticity.  Check it out for yourself.
Amazing UFO Videos From 2 Weeks Ago!
Are we alone? I don't think anyone really knows that answer to that question. On January 28th a couple of amateur videographers think they have pretty solid evidence that we are not alone. Watch the 2 videos of the same event from different locations below.