Baltimore Student Forms The White Student Union [Video]
Baltimore student Matthew Heimbach has formed a group at the Towson University called the White Student Union. Matthew claims he isn't racist he just believes in Identitarianism which means he doesn't hate any other race he just wants to celebrate his ethnicity.
Of course you would exp…
The War in Syria a Very Graphic Inside Look( NSFW) [Video]
The civil war in Syria is and has gotten out of control and Vice gives you an inside look of the very devastating causalities of war.
Warning: This contains graphic material not suitable for all ages. When Vice reports on something they "do not" sugar coat anything. Here's your…
Scary At How Easy People Can Buy Nukes On The Black Market [Video]
At film team from Vice returned from Bulgaria horrified at how easy it was for people to attain nuclear weapons!
So have you ever heard people joking about how Russia has all the nukes and they don't know where they are? Well every joke or rumor is based on some truth, and this is a joke I don't find…