Video Game

Man Beatboxes Super Mario Bros Theme Song. [Video]
Some of the best theme songs ever created were from video games.
To be more specific video games such as Super Mario Bros, Zelda Contra, and Sonic.
Hip Hop and video games have been intertwined since before The Notorious B.I.G. rapped about "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis".
MLB 2K12 – Verlander vs. Verlander Commercial [Video]
The first digital spot for Major League Baseball 2K12 stars AL Cy Young award winner, MVP and 2K Sports cover athlete Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson parked outside the Perfect Club.
This is hilarious, who knew Justin could be so funny? I bet you d…
Madden 12 Unveiled New Bills Uniform Early [VIDEO]
Madden is the biggest sports video game in the world and yesterday they announced the new cover boy for Madden 12 Peyton Hillis from the Cleveland Browns. EA ran a preview of the new Madden 12 and you can see in the screen shot the NEW Buffalo Bills jersey...only problem, Buffalo didn't plan on…
Mark Ingram On The Cover Of NCAA 2012
Heisman winner and Flint native Mark Ingram Jr. will grace the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 2012 next year! Fans were given the chance to vote for this years cover-boy and Ingram won the honor!! Take a look at the new cover and see what Mr. Heisman had to say about!
No Wii Spanking For US!
So there's this naughty new Nintendo Wii game coming out in the UK called "We Dare". By watching the video I can see why they wouldn't sell it in the U.S. Chicks kissing, stripping and god knows what else it you make it to level 2 lol. Check out "We Dare"…
Real Life Mario Kart [Video]
It's funny that just last week I posted my Top 5 all-time favorite video games and now someone has put out a real life Mario Kart!! This video is great, the graphics and special effects are off the chain!! I would've went with Koopa Troopa, but that's just me...check it out
What Is Your Favorite Video Game Of All Time?
I own almost every system ever it's tough for me to choose what game is my favorite of all-time! Nintendo, Sega, Super NES, N64 had some pretty dope games, click and see some of my favs. and leave a comment and let me know what video game tops your list.