Michigan Woman Shoots Man for Terrible Sex
In Michigan, not servicing your lady properly can get you shot. Just ask 58-years-old Sadie Bell who was recently convicted for shooting her boyfriend in the stomach because she felt his sexual performance was inadequate.
The Steven Seagal Show [Video]
I just ran across this awesome and hyper violent flash cartoon series called Steven Seagal based on well, Steven Seagal!
15 seconds into this cartoon and you immediately  realize  this isn't for kids. Over the top top violence in every scene makes this pretty awesome to watch! I really hope more vide…
Flint, Michigan Most Violent City In America?
Let me start by saying I am a resident of Flint, MI and was born at Hurley Hospital which is located in Flint.  Today I am vexed about the recent story that my hometown was once again crowed the most violent city in America.
Atlanta Cop Punches Woman At An IHOP [Video]
Police Brutality or the perception of it seems to be on the rise, thanks to camera phones and youtube. In reality no one should be hitting, swinging, or doing anything violent to a Police Officer. But it seems like this is a growing trend lately, especially with women. I'm not sure if it's becaus…
B-Ray and TeamChangeFlint Send A Message [Video]

B-Ray and TeamChangeFlint head out to the  Famous Rock to help raise awareness of violence in Flint. This group is comprised of smart and talented kids who are fed up with the violence in Flint. So to send a message that there are people who care we decided to make our presence know by painting the …
Flint records two more shooting deaths
Crime is on the rise! Things are starting to get out of hand. So fa Flint,MI death toll as of 04/11/11 is at 21! Last year at this time we were at 5! We need to pull together and try and reach this generation before it's to late..