Voting Day
Today is voting day and there are plenty of things you'll need to know before you head to the polls.
Vote Today
Here are the things you need to know before voting today
Voting Day
It's time to head to the polls for many in Genesee County, and the ballot is packed.
Election Results
Voters turned out in Genesee County and elected six new members to Flint's City Council, along with many tax proposals that were on the ballots.  Get all the results from around the area here.
Gen. County Voting Day
The May 7th ballot in Genesee County will leave residents with a lot of decisions to make regarding their tax dollars.
2012 Proposals Explained
The polls opened this morning at 7am and for the next 14 hours we will be able to exercise our American right of Voting.  The two main question people seem to have this year are, "Where do I vote?" and "What do all these proposals mean?"  You can find al…

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