White guy

Short Guy Tries To Jump Over Car And Fails Hard [Video]
A guy of moderate height makes an attempt to jump over a car and ends up killing his self, I think.
Let this be a valuable lesson to those who want to try and do this. You need a few key ingredients to be successful at jumping really high and this guy has none of those.
White Boy Boogie [Video]
Hey kids there's a brand new dance out that us white boys can finally do! It's called the White Boy Boogie.
This will forever change the dance floor for white guys.
White Guy Dances To Trina![Video]
Now I know there is a female somewhere that's gonna get jealous because this white guy can shake it better than you! Click on this post to watch this white guy drop it like its hot baby!
Hopefully this is the first and last time i watch a video like this. Two things happened when i watched this video…
Teach Me How To Brady [VIDEO]
This is just way to embarrassing, but I had to post the video! This more than shows that "White Guys" (not all) can't dance. Even though I love Tom Brady because he's a Wolverine...that is still no excuse for this nonsense!! Check out the video