Hulk Hogan Is Teaming up with Riff Raff [Video]
Hulk Hogan has been pretty much on top of the wrestling world since about 1983 when 'Hulkmania' started. Since then Hogan has had a series of ups and downs including reinventing has a bad guy and calling himself 'Hollywood Hogan' in 1996.
Sting Finally Makes His WWE In-Ring Debut [Video]
If you are a wrestling fan then you know WWE has had every major talent except for one particular superstar. That superstar happens to be an icon of wrestling, a 6 time WCW champion and a 2 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
WWE Superstar Kamala Becomes Double Amputee [Video]
If you didnt' know 6'7 380 James Harris' story, you would think he is just a man down on his luck, sadly like many Americans. By looking at him especially now, you wouldn't know he is a wrestling that struck in other legends and could have and should have made millions.
Sting Debuts in the WWE [Video]
When it comes to wrestling WWE is considered the big leagues of wrestling.
Literally every big name wrestler has eventually come through the WWE brand.
The Leprechaun Origins Trailer [Video]
It looks like Hollywood has done it again.
Hollywood has taken a movie that has a surprising cult following and will attempt to reboot and possibly make a hundred more sequels.
The Rocks Rock n’ Roll Concert in Cleveland
As a long time wrestling fan I could never understand the term "Sports Entertainment'.
But these new wrestlers are the perfect blend of Sports and Entertainment.
One of the greatest wrestlers of all time 'The Rock' is the perfect example of this, as he is the face of the WWE.

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