Yak Films

Hurrikane Android ‘Clutter’ [Video]
Can Yak films can do nothing wrong when it comes to  dance videos? From the great dancers they find, to the awesome camera work and editing they put into their videos. It's easy to say that they have the best collection of dance videos on YouTube...
Bboy Battle Of The Year 2011 [Video]
Yak films gives a recap of the bboy battle of the year displaying some sick moves.
I always feel old when I watch these videos. I can't hit cartwheel let alone do these over the top aerial moves.
‘Remote Kontrol’ Sick New Dance Group [Video]
A new dance group called Remote Kontrol consists of some really talented dancers like iGlide, Chibi, and the ridiculously famous Marquese NonStop Scott.
You might be like "Who is Marquese Nonstop Scott?" Chances are that you have seen him dance before.  With the most viewed dance video on t…
Butter Shows That Big Boys Can Dance [Video]
If you ever thought that big boys couldn't dance then you've obviously never seen Butter dance. Holding it down for the big boys this clip was shot In Venice in a back alley to give a real gritty feel.
After watching this kid a lot of you skinny guys (including me) might be a little jealous. I know s…