The saga of Teairra Mari vs. 50 Cent continues.

In an Instagram video she uploaded last night (April 30), the singer took a trip to the check cashing store to finally send 50 money she reportedly owes him via Western Union. Instead of the $30,000 dollars that she's legally mandated to give to the rapper, Mari pulls out nearly everything she has on her only to pull out a grand total of 50 cents.

"News Flash Shit You Caught me Red Handed Curt‍♀️...$29999.50 #Iaintgotit #WesternUnion #checkcashing #NEWMUSIC #Outnow #linkinHISbio #LINKINMYBIO," Mari wrote in her caption.

It didn't take long for 50 Cent to respond to Mari's video. The Queens rapper hit up Instagram to react to Mari's Western Union transaction made out to him. 50 calls her move a "blatant disrespect to the court."

"Is this Teairra didn’t recognize her with out spunk on her face. this is a blatant disrespect to the court. The Law, is The Law.#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac," 50 wrote in his caption.

Mari's trip to the check cashing store comes nearly a week after she claimed to have ended 50 Cent's career and refuted all reports that police issued a warrant for her arrest. In an Instagram post uploaded last week (April 24), Mari shut down all rumors about the arrest warrant and addressed 50, who reportedly helped spread the false reports.

"Never believe a nigga name Curtisss... even if he is your favorite washed up old school rapper....Here is the real news: My Lawyers are all the way on point (the best), I never had an arrest warrant... and Spare Change never TRADEMARKED SHIT.. he's just trying to steal drip.. he needs it bad.. you see how this boy dress," Mari wrote in her caption She also made sure to include the trademark symbol (™) next to her #IAintGotIt hashtag.

Watch Teairra Mari send 50 Cent two quarters via Western Union and catch 50's reaction below.

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