Tech N9ne has built quite the independent empire at Strange Music and he knows it. Tech's takeover is on full display on his new single 'Over It' featuring singer Ryan Bradley as he announces, "No matter what way the fans receive music, we at Strange Music will be right there in it. All those streaming services make it nearly impossible for artist to make some real bread, we will prevail and take over all facets of the music industry."

In the video, Tech N9ne sits upon a throne of sorts as he preaches to his black-cloaked minions. While the hook sounds like it could fit right in with the top 40 rotation, Tech hits hard with rapid-fire rhymes.

Tech raps, "Time's up / I'm just gonna make it difficult for other rappers to get their rhymes up / N9ne's a mindf--k / I'm the kind to design the crime / bury them all in line / your shine's behind us / stop you can do it all day / but you're not gonna pop / me the crew and all lay / in the box, you were topping the charts / look at the people not even jocking your art / why's that / cause everybody that really buys rap / don't wanna listen to any guys yap / fly, this will leave you in the sky cap."

'Over It' is featured on Tech N9ne's new album 'Strangeulation', which is in stores now. The LP is the fifth edition in Tech's series of 'Collabos' projects which feature collaborations with artists on the Strange Music roster.