Terrell Owens was once considered one of the NFL's best receivers, but Tuesday he was talking to Dr. Phil about accusations that he is a dead beat dad.

'TO' said he made $80 million but blew it all including some on bad investments.   The surprise twist was when Dr. Phil brought out three of Owens baby mama's to confront him about the time and money he spends with his kids.

Owens also says he can't visit his kids, who live in different cities, because his travel schedule is too demanding.

Dr. Phil Asks Terrell Owens About His Dad


Wife number one came on (identified only as Kimber) she said he has seen their daughter only about 12 times.  She said, "He doesn't call, he doesn't send Christmas gifts".  Owens was asked if it was true that a year had passed since he last saw the 7-year-old girl, and he said he wasn't sure how long it had been.

Wife number two, Melanie said she can't ever get in touch with Owens. Owens says about a year has passed since he has seen that daughter. Owens made the case that the last planned visit with the girl didn't come off because Melanie insisted that he pay for her plane ticket, in addition to his daughter's.  Owens also said that he is trying to have the amounts of his child support payments reduced. The amounts, he said, are: monthly payments of $20,000, $13,400, $11,200 and $5,000 -- a total of nearly $50,000.

Mother number three, Monique is the mother of Owens' oldest son.  She said her pregnancy was an oops kind of thing.   Owens says he willingly increased her child support, from $6,000 to $8,000 to $10,000 to $12,000. Monique says Owens made some public appearances with their son, trying to bolster his image.

Lecture time from Dr. Phil

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