My son Narls is four years old (almost five if you ask him) and he has a pretty good grasp on what Thanksgiving is all about.

He first told this story to my wife on the way to school one day after learning about it from his teachers.  She raved about it, but I blew it off because I'm an adult and that's what we do.

His teacher told me to ask him about it later that day because it was so cute, and she couldn't believe how much he remembered after hearing it once.

A true historian might dispute that this is the way that things actually went down, but I would tell that nerd to shut up (because this is my son after all).

I could watch this all day (again he's my kid) but I hope you enjoy it as you get together with your family for Thanksgiving.

On a side note, if anyone knows how to illustrate a video to this audio, let me know.  I'll gladly share the millions of Internet dollars that this video is bound to bring in.

(*note that sharing is a subjective term, and Internet dollars are not real dollars).