The beautiful and talented Elle Varner releases her new song, 'Cold Case.'  She's getting ready for her sophomore album, 'Four Letter Word,' with the release of another song. 

The new album will feature music that has a new style called trap-jazz.  Fusing trap music you'll hear from Jeezy mixed with a jazz flare.  You'll instantly hear the new mix of music on the new song, 'Cold Case.'

Elle Varner sings on the chorus,

She, she ain't got nothing on me / Couldn't be her or maybe you're stupid enough, I'm not sure / I really don't you so well enough anymore anymore / But still, still I can't sleep well at night / Until, till I get down to it down to it / I put away the piles of files on my desk I won't rest

My eyes and ears are open wide, don't take my time / But I'm gone find the answer to this mystery / No you ain't heard the last from me

The 25 year old singer was linked to dating singer Miguel but things didn't work out.  We're not sure if the song was inspired by their relationship but the song is still worth a listen.  Take a listen to her new song below and let us know what you think.

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