Dark Knight Rises turned out to be a success at the box office despite the tragic shooting in Colorado.  Our prayers and thoughts should continually be towards those families affected by the senseless crime.  The tragedy didn't stop people from showing to watch the highly anticipated film. 

I personally went to the theaters to see the film a week after the opening week and really enjoyed the film.  After watching the film, I wondered how successful the film would be at the box office.  I wanted to know if people were going to stay away from theater because of the shooting.

According to Superhero Hype, the movie has been a success at the box office globally bringing in 800 million dollars.  So far Dark Knight Rises is second most successful film of the year behind Avengers.  Christopher Nolan, Dark Knight Rises' director, could see the film gross a billion dollars in sales after the film opens up in China later this year.

Again, I do not want to overlook the tragedy in Colorado. [spotted at Complex]

With another $19.5 million domestically and $34.2 million overseas this weekend, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises has surpassed the $800 million mark worldwide after three weeks of release.

Having earned $835.4 million so far, Nolan's third and final Batman movie has climbed to the 30th spot on the all-time worldwide blockbuster list. The film, made for $250 million, has earned $390.1 million domestically and $445.3 million internationally.

via The Dark Knight Rises Surpasses $800 Million Worldwide | Superhero Hype.