In March 2011 'Lord of the Rings' movie director Peter Jackson started the production of the movie 'The Hobbit'.

This is the story of the hobbit no one wants to talk about.Willie Baggins is the first cousin of fellow hobbit Frodo Baggins .Willie shares his views on why he wasn't picked to be in the "Lord of the Rings' movies, and why he didn't have a starring role in the new "Hobbit' movie that comes out today.

In this day and age of 2012 on Middle Earth, you would think we were passed all of this, all Willie really wanted was a non talking role and just to be seen.

But super movie director Peter Jackson felt like his movie wouldn't do to well with a darker skin hobbit telling Jackson's story. I would say we should all boycott this movie, but I'm too interested on how this movie will turn out.

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