I have become a huge fan of Instagram and have left Twitter behind. All morning I have been seeing the funniest pictures of LeBron James dunking on Jason Terry and I had to share.  If you don't have an Instagram account, your life isn't full of laughter.

So last night during the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics game LeBron James caught an alley-opp that ended with Jason Terry on the floor.  LeBron jumped extremely high and threw down the dunk so hard it got the internet buzzing.  Terry unfortunately has become the butt of everyone's jokes on Instagram this morning.

So while going through my timeline or news feed on Instagram, I came across the funniest pictures of the dunk.  I have to let you know I didn't see every one that was made but the pictures below should give you a good laugh.

I feel bad for Terry but I believe this will keep his mouth shut when talking trash about the Miami Heat and LeBron.