The Game has slapped Viacom with a $20 million lawsuit for their liability in his now defunct reality show, She Got Game. The Compton rapper is currently in a legal battle with one of the show’s contestants, Priscilla Rainey, who claims that Game sexually assaulted her during the show.

According to TMZ, Game believes that Viacom should cover the $7.1 million judgment his sexual assault accuser won in the case because they are the ones who cast a violent criminal on his reality show.

The rapper's lawsuit cites a doctor on the production team, who checked contestants' backgrounds, who discovered Rainey’s long rap sheet, which includes arrest for aggravated battery to multiple felony arrests. The doctor also said that Rainey’s behavior on the show was caused by jealousy, which led her to be out of control.

Game accuses Viacom of bringing Rainey on the show to boost ratings and ignoring the doctor’s findings. The 29-year-old model was eventually booted off the show and she filed her lawsuit against Game soon after.

Game not only wants Viacom to pay Rainey the $7.1 million judgment and but the entertainment conglomerate should also pay another $13 million to him in damages.

Back in January, a federal judge did grant Game's request for a new trial and a reduced monetary judgment in his ongoing sexual assault case. Game’s attorney, Andrew Williams, believed the judgment was “monstrously excessive” and unfair to the rapper. He feels the evidence was “extremely prejudicial” against Game and claimed that there’s no evidence that the alleged sexual assault was done with intentional malice.

Attorneys for Viacom had no comment on the matter.

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