Andy Samberg and 'The Lonely Island' have been busy during YouTube's comedy week dropping two songs that are also going to be on their upcoming release, 'The Wack Album.'

Lonely Island have been releasing new songs on Wednesdays with the hash tag #WackWednesdays, and the YouTube comedy week seems to be the perfect partnership. 'The Wack Album' is dropping on June 11th, and from the previews we've seen so far it looks dope.

The first track The Lonely Island dropped is a "coming of age' tale called 'Diaper Money'.

Solange Knowles teamed up with The Lonely Island for the second comedy week release.  Together they basically show everyone how to incorrectly use a 'Semicolon'.

Just in case you were wondering how to correctly use a semicolon, the YouTube comments have come to the rescue.