Christmas means big business for pretty much every kind of retailer.

There are a lot of other things that people drop their cash on during the season other than presents.

Check out some of the stats!

Post Office Deals With Busiest Mail Day
Joe Raedle,Getty Images

16.5 billion. The number of cards, letters, and packages that will be handled by the U.S. Postal Service this season.


Candy Canes

Two billion. The number of candy canes that are sold worldwide in December.



220 million. The cost of all the poinsettias sold during the holiday season.  More than 85% of potted plants sold this time of year are poinsettias.


Christmas Tree Vendors Set Up Shop On New York City's Sidewalks

25 to 30 million. The number of real Christmas trees that Americans will buy this year.

Sears Restores "Merry Christmas" Signs After Protests
Tim Boyle,Getty Images

17 million. The number of artificial Christmas trees Americans will buy this year.

1. The rank of gift cards . . . which will easily be the most popular Christmas present this year.

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